Tuesday 31 July 2018

Hadoop Security: Useful commands for Active Directory usergroup management

In this blog post, I will discuss on some of the common but very useful commands to manage the users in AD.

I've seen that in many Hadoop projects there is a separate AD team for managing Active Directory servers. Many a time a Hadoop admin want to see whether the user has been added in AD or whether a user has been added to a group or whether the password of the user expired etc: The following commands helps in these situations. 

Case1: To check in which all group a user belongs to:

Command:  id <username>

For example: 

[root@manoj ~]$ id hdpadmin

uid=731803102(hdpadmin) gid=731800513(domain_users) groups=731800513(domain_users),731801610(hadoopadmin)

The example states that hdpadmin is a part of "hadoopadmin" group and "domain_users" group.

Case2: Which all users belong to a particular group:

Command:  getent group  <groupname>

For example: 

[root@manoj1 ~]$ getent group hadoopadmin


The output shows that in "hadoopadmin" group "hdpadmin" and "ambari" users are present.

Case2: To check whether the password is working for a user:

Command:  ldapsearch -D <username@domainname> -W

For example:

[root@manoj1 ~]$: ldapsearch -D hdpadmin@006eq.clienthub.com -W

Then give the password of hdpadmin user. If you get the output as password accepted then you are fine.

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